Sunday, April 02, 2006

training: day two

today was one hour on the stationary bike, at an easy pace. trying to focus on "pulling" and not bouncing on the seat, but still it was BORING. Except for the part at the end, where I jumped off the bike and tried to run around the training area. I learned that if you bike and then try to run, it feels like your legs are on inside-out. And this wasn't even a HARD workout. I shudder to think...

i need to look into purchasing a fluid trainer so i can use my own bike. waiting for nice(r) weather to start so i can bike outside. i don't know if i can find a bike shop to help me tune my cute little terry bikey, which means i have to learn to do it myself. yikes! the last time i did anything to my bike, the wheel fell off, and as a result, so did i.

training is probably going to put a crimp in my already minimal social life. that is ok by me, i have been downright antisocial lately but i rather like my own company more than anyone else's at this time. i get like this from time to time, might as well take advantage of it.

browsing the web for heart monitors, fluid trainers and other such gear, hopefully i can find a bike rack to fit my pajero jr. if not, i have to figure out how to stuff it into the back of the paj. also thinking about the logistics of trying to get to hawaii for the tri. maybe roll our homestay into the trip, so a week in hawaii, a week on the west coast and a week on the east coast to visit family. looks like middle of july to middle of august for the trip.

tomorrow is supposed to be a day of rest but i think i will do some weights and some yoga anyway.

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