Monday, April 24, 2006

training: day twenty-four

i ended up really switching around my workouts because despite my taking the day off, i ran out of time and didn't get to the bike ride or to the gym to use the stat bike. so it was 10 AT NIGHT and i was freaking out because the fitness center closes at 11pm and i wasn't going to fit in a 1.5 hour workout nor was I going to ride my bike in the dark. so i moved around the workouts even more than usual and did a 20 minute run which should have been wednesday's workout, but wednesday is my swimming lesson, so wednesday is usually switched with tuesday, which is supposed to be a swim. so today i did tuesday's w/o, on tuesday (tomorow) i'll do monday's workout and on wednesday it will be swimming. i'm glad i wrote it all down. anyway, the run in the dark at night was kinda unsettling, as even though there's some amount of light pollution here, it's still much darker than Columbia, MD ever was. I wasn't so much worried for my saftey, since japan is pretty safe, i was more worried about not seeing a chuckhole and wiping out -- my eyes don't dark-adapt well at all. one thing about running at night that was cool, was looking into livingrooms as i trotted past houses -- a lot of japanese are clutterbugs, don't let those pictures of the austere, immaculate, zen houses fool you.

training: angst

i was really upset at the prospect of missing a workout. mostly because yesterday i had told chris i have done 23 days of training without missing a workout...i've switched them up, but i haven't skipped any. i'm starting to get a little obsessive about workouts. i am supposed to go visit my kimono sensei at her home in akita in may and part of me doesn't want to because i can't figure out how to do the workouts.

training: sp(r)ite

don't chug a whole can of sprite and go for a brisk run. it makes your stomach very annoyed.

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