Tuesday, April 18, 2006

training: day eighteen

Today was an easy day, only 20 minutes on the treadmill. Hardly anything, really. I'm more worried about the swim workout tomorrow, 200m without stopping. the tinman website had the registration forms online, so i downloaded it, printed it and filled it out. i need to get it mailed now and start planning out our trip. i also noticed they changed the info on the swim--it's 800m not 750.i sorta freaked out but then calmer minds prevailed: 800 is a nice even number and anyway, what's 50 more m at this point? actually, fifty more m's look exactly like this:
i also think i'm gonna need a wetsuit, after all. terrific, as if the bathing suit wasn't bad enough, now i'm really gonna look like a 5 foot tall sausage. just call me jimmy dean.

training: ankle bite(r)

my ankle is still way cranky. although the visible bruise has diminished, it hurts deeply, which is not like other bruises i have had. it doesn't seem to hurt during my workouts though and my range of motion seems okay, it just is this dull, annoying ache, a persistent sore spot. it is tender to the touch, although it wouldn't be tender to the touch if i didn't keep on poking at it, going "ow! ow! ow!"

training: weighting game

maybe that should be the crying game. my weight loss has plateaued and i've been stuck at the same place (3 pounds shy of my goal weight) for three weeks. i've tried eating less (crazy) more (fun but disconcerting) and a few other things. looks like i need to really, seriously start lifting weights. the reluctance of the scale to inch downward, well, it's got me a bit upset but at least over the last few months, i've started to notice that i'm looking fitter (some muscles, however stringy, have appeared and i have collar bones now) and that some of my clothes are really baggy. but that 3 pounds is bugging the hell out of me. the lighter i get, the faster i go. go away, three pounds!

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