Friday, April 14, 2006

training: day fourteen

a pool workout. i went back and forth for forty minutes today, with a little break at the end of each length, for a total of 225 meters. the thermometer said 86 degrees for the pool but it sure didn't feel like it, it was a bit chilly upon entering but once i got moving it was okay. as usual, i was starving when i hauled my waterlogged ass out of the water. having a can of hot milk tea helped, but not much. what i really wanted was a grilled cheese, onion rings, two beers and half a dozen donuts. what i had was a small salad and a quarter cup of rice and some veggies.

training: dizzy up the girl

i don't know if it is because i am dieting or dehydrated or dying or whatever, but i damn near blacked out twice this morning. upon getting out of bed. i stood up, reached for my glasses and then next thing i knew, sat down hard on the floor. no big thing, i figured i had just stood up too fast after lying asleep for 11 hours. so i stood up properly and went to the bathroom. upstairs is chris' bathroom, and it has a raised threshold you have to step over upon entering or exiting. i went in, bent down to flip the toilet lid up, stood up and and everything went whoooooops! the next thing i knew i had fallen through the doorway (causing the door to fly open with a BANG!) and fell over the threshold and spilled out into the hallway. in the process, i banged the hell out of my ankle. (the bruise was showing by the time i came around). chris said he practically flew out of the bedroom when he heard the commotion. i think he asked me "what happened?" and i think i said "i think i may have just fainted. or i got dizzy." and "i banged up my ankle." it's all sort of muzzy. at any rate, i ended up semi-lucid and sprawled out in the hallway wearing nothing but a pair of lime-green panties. at least i didn't pee all over myself or the bathroom or the hall runner. criminy. and despite eating and drinking a bit more than usual, i still felt woozy most of the rest of the day.

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