Friday, April 28, 2006

training: day twenty-eight

today was a swimming workout.

100m, rest, 75m, rest, 50 m, rest, 25m, rest. i did another 100m using fins, so i could work on my breathing. lately i'm really afraid of inhaling water. it's stupid. i need to get a nose pinchy-thingy. also fins. i did okay as long as i went slow and focused on breathing out underwater and not trying to lift my head too far up as i came up for air.

training: home is where you work out

i went swimming right after work, at 2pm. nobody was there! it was my own personal pool!

these are two of the lifeguards who work at himberg pool, keeping me safe from sharks. i always make sure to thank the guards when i am done swimming.

here's the outside of himberg. pretty dumpy. it needs painted!

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