Monday, April 10, 2006

training: day ten

the stationary bike sucks. and it sucks even more after 60 minutes, 22 miles and only 280 calories burned. thank you. that is all.

no, wait! that is not all! since the stat bike pissed me off so much, i actually had incentive to drag my little black and white "symmetry" model terry bike out of the storage space underneath our stairwell. my bike lives with the water heater during winter. it has been a while so, boy are we glad to see each other. my bike, it needs cleaned and tuned. i can clean it, i know how to clean just about anything, but i guess i have to figure out how to do the "tune" part. i know there's a book somewhere on my shelves, and there's always the www. the tyres are OK, if a little flat. at first i thought they had dry rot, but it turned out it was just some dust from being in storage. in case you were wondering, the front tyre is indeed smaller than the rear. on this model, 16 and 17.5" sizes have 24" front/700c rear wheels; 19, 20 and 21.5" sizes have 650c wheels front and rear; 23" has 700c wheels front and rear. i am a peanut, so i need the 16" size. but back to the tyres, i need to order spare tubes (i am not gonna find high pressure presta-valve tubes here, in the land of the one-speed-utility special) hey! i found my shoes, too!i got them on sale a couple years back at Mt. Airy Bicycles. oh, and i need a new brain bucket. mine's five years old and i'm not sure how kindly the move overseas treated it. i hope its nice this weekend (ha ha ha) so i can ride outdoors .

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