Monday, April 17, 2006

training: day seventeen

today would have been a rest day, but like i mentioned earlier, my workouts were all shifted one day to let me catch up for taking saturday off. so today was 1 hour and 15 minutes on the stationary bike. i had been looking forward to riding outside, but we were having 40mph wind gusts and had no desire to get blown into the path of an oncoming vehicle. i totally had a bunch of errands to do and waffled all the way from the office to the gym. i really wanted to do my errands first but i was a good girl and got on that stupid suck-ass bike. for 1:15. Urk. it wasn't a hard workout, just long. and boring.

training: ring of fire

last evening, when i was running on the treadmill, i took off my wedding band and dropped it into the cup holder. the ring is loose-fitting to begin with and once i get sweaty and swinging my arms, it has a propensity go flying off. normally, i am good about collecting up all my stuff but i'm off my usual routine and i just flew out of the gym when i was done because it was getting late and i had other stuff to do. i got up this morning, showered and went to reach for my ring (it's rote to take it off before i shower) and all of a sudden it hit me-i had left my one-of-a-kind-custom-made wedding band AT THE GYM. i finished getting ready in record time and drove like a bat out of hell to the gym. of course, the one treadmill i needed to check was in use (out of four) and i think i freaked out the guy using it but luckily, the ring was still there.

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