Friday, April 07, 2006

training: day seven

swimming today. do a lap. rest. do a lap. rest. do a half lap, fuck around. working on some of the total immerison drills. my groin hurts from doing frog kicks. do a lap. rest. do a lap. get water up nose. float on back and stare at ugly-ass ceiling. practice frog kicks. do half a lap. feel smug that there are fourteen year old girls with big ol' guts who don't look nearly as good in their suits as i do in mine. swim in a little circle. gloat. try out chris' zip fins. do a lap. call it a workout.

i love the japanese. when i went to takeda sports for the infamous swimsuit, i noticed that they had "grow your own" swim goggles. PRESCRIPTION swim goggles. you buy the strap (which comes with 3 nose pieces of varying size) and then buy each lens. they had a wide range of diopters, all the way to -10.00. i am -3.5 in the right eye and -5.5 in the left. i had no problem finding lenses in my power. this totally resolved my issue about being scared that i would lose my contacts in the pool if my regular goggles came off. i used them today. they were terrific.

do not ever go grocery shopping after you go swimming. the cool water fools your body into thinking it is hungry when it is really not and going grocery shopping when you are hungry (or really not) is madness. i bought all kinds of crazy shit.

tomorrow is a 30 minute run. if the weather is nice (ha! snow on the ground this morning) i want to run outside. i hate the fucking treadmill with the fire of a thousand suns.

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