Saturday, April 22, 2006

training: day twenty-two

today was a 30 minute run. uphill. sprinting. so i would sprint for a minute up the hill. walk down the hill. sprint up the hill, walk down the hill. at least i had a pretty spot to run, as the hill overlooked the lake and there was also a mountain view. i also got to run on a wide swath of grass, so my knees and ankles weren't too sore.

here's the hill and the views. the "slow moving vehicles entering road" would be me.
training: breaking wind (it's not what you think)

it was windy and the wind was really cold, probably because it was coming off the mountains and the lake. and it was blowing into my ears, so they really hurt, even though i had headphones in. it's also no fun running into to the wind, but it's nice to have it at your back, because it gives you a boost.

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