Tuesday, April 11, 2006

training: day eleven

a real run. outdoors. ouch. i did the full 30 minutes though. i'll have to drive the course and see what the actual distance is and post it later (distance round-trip was 5k or 3.1 miles). man, the first 10 minutes were so hard. i forget how much easier (if boring) it is to run on a treadmill. i must admit though, it is nice running in the morning. right now, the sun is up at about 4:40. by mid-summer, it will be light by 4:20 or so. it was crisp out, if a little damp, and i ran through a neighborhood i usually just drive by. not a lot of people or traffic, just birds and fields and the sun coming up.

my knees are killing me. time to think about new running shoes--ones that actually have padding in them. also, i feel like i've got a hairball i need to cough up, but i always feel like that after a run.

training: t for 2

reading about transitions and how to handle them. tri shorthad is t, and there are two t's in a tri race. t1 is swim-to-bike and t2 is bike-to-run. i guess t's aren't much fun any way you look at them, but basically, it helps to be organized and to practice. i'm already organized, now i just gotta practice. when i start doing bricks (back to back workouts to simulate the legs of the tri) i'll incorporate practicing the transitions into the brick practice. i can't wait to see how many times i fall over or down or whatever. stuff i've been reading also suggests practicing mental transistions as well as the physical ones. like i already don't have enough to think about, what with the sharks in the water and all.

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