Wednesday, April 26, 2006

training: day twenty-six

i have been trying to use training as a stress release (in the past, it was binge eating), but today, it was a good excuse to leave work early. work's been really stressful for the guys in my office, because of some ongoing issues. tater, a mellow d00d by any definition, is pretty lit. amazing. i haven't seen tater mad about anything in the two years i've worked with/sat next to him. so it's pretty depressing/anxiety causing because i pick up on all the bad vibes. as i result, i really don't want to be at work, so i fled at 11:30 to himberg pool, to avoid sharks and practice my laps. i think i will start taking a long lunch on tuesdays so i can swim laps during this time, because i had a lane all to myself. even if i take 3 hours, as long as i get in at 6am, i can still go home at 4pm. this should be OK, since the office is pretty good about letting me flex my time.

my form was pretty shitty and i need to slow down. but it got my mind off work and it felt good not to have five thousand, three hundred and fifteen thoughts going through my head-there was just one (OH SWEET BABBY ZOMBIE JEEBUS, KINDLY DO NOT LET ME DROWN) which was odd, i've never seriously been worried about drowning before. i know it has to do with my poor breathing/stroke technique (just call my Kiki McFlailey). i noticed the guys (all guys) swimming and the ones that were doing the laps in the fewest strokes were not going fast, they were going powerful. really nice strong, graceful strokes. hoo boy. i gotta long way to go before i sleep (sorry, robt. frost).

training: fini

my swimming lessons are done. i still need help, like i mentioned above, but i have seen some really good improvement.

training: z00t s00t

my replacement tri suit came today! i wear a small! yay! i tried another brand, but it didn't look as good as the TYR one.

training: ring-a-ding

i am 21 pounds lighter than i was in december and fully 10 pounds lighter than i was when i got married two years ago. my wedding ring slipped off three times today. i mean it just fell off. i'm wearing it on a necklace now, because i really can't have it resized without ruining the design of the ring. i forget it's on a necklace and have had several mini-coronarys because i keep thinking i've lost it. i am totally the spaz-0-matic 3000 lately, not just about the ring, but everything. i have got to stop with it, i am sure i am driving everyone (including myself) nuts.

also, a vendor who comes once-a-month to the BX stopped me and said "can i ask you something? i mean, you were pretty small to begin with, but have you lost weight? you're really tiny!" YAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTAAAAA!!!

training: losing your head

i lost my powder-blue swimcap last week. it wasn't at the gym or pool lost and found. i can't find it at home and i am still kind of annoyed. perhaps it was gobbled up by one of the himberg pool sharks. i am obsessive about things like this, so i went to buy another one (at a different store) but its the wrong colour and i want the correct colour blue so its another trip back to the place i purchased the now-lost cap. i normally don't lose things, but lately i have cranial-rectal inversion and thusly, my head is up my ass. i think i just need a day to stay home and calm down and not constantly feel like i'm behind on things for whatever reason.

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