Friday, June 30, 2006

training: day ninety-one

800m swimmy. i was tired the whole time. chris claimed i was booking, but it took me about 30 minutes to complete the swim.

training: dreamin' redux

i'm dreaming about the triathlon a LOT. weird dreams, too. like being stuck in traffic on the way home from work and not being able to get my workout in. stuff like that.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

training: day ninety
30 minute run. the loop that used to take me 40 minutes now only takes about 25. i had some cramping during my run as a result from my medical misadventure on tuesday, but i soldiered through.

training: buggin' out
i decided to eat dinner after my run, since it was a heavier meal. i had a light snack of some pineapple chunks and a handful of almonds and went for my recovery trot. well, currently the evenings are cool and clear, with slight breeze to blow away most of the bugs. i say most because i think i managed to suck down enough bugs (particularly around the open gutters) to meet and/exceed my daily protein requirements. it was beautiful last night, it was a really enjoyable run, i spent most of it looking at the horizon and all the gorgeous bands of colors in the gloaming.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

training: day eighty-nine

a light 20 minute spin on the bike. thank goodness for recovery weeks.

training: dreamin'

i've been dreaming about the triathlon. i had a dream i lead the swim leg, but couldn't find my bike when i got out of the transistion area!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

training: day eighty-eight

recovery. good thing i switched my workouts. i wasn't really in any shape to be running, biking or swimmy.

training: 989

my race registration packet came today! i am number 989. there will be about 900 people at the tinman, 33% of them first-time triathletes. approximately one-third of the 900 participates will be women.

the average time to complete the race: 2 hours and 26 minutes. the winner of my age group (35 to 39) completed the race in 2:07:54. damn.

Monday, June 26, 2006

training: day eighty-seven

today was 800m swimmy. no rests.normally today is a rest day, but i have a hospital procedure tomorrow and wasn't sure if i'd feel like working out. i sure as hell didn't feel like working out today, that's for sure. but work out i did. it was 800m non-stop.

training: turd

i can't do freestyle the full 800m meter. I can only do about 100. this is indicative of a problem, but i am not sure what. so i freestyle my first 100m, then it is a combination of freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, breakstroke (which i really like) and something i like to call the turdstroke. turdstroke is pretty much me floating in the water like a turd. i try not to be a turd too much during a workout, it sort of defeats the purpose.

heh heh heh. turd.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

training: day eighty-six

running for 75 minutes. easy and comfortable. this is the best i've felt in about two weeks. i think my body finally adjusted to the increased training load. sleeping for 12 hours on Saturday probably had something to do with it, too.

training: donut dilemma

here's the problem. there's a huge, fresh cinnamon-maple donut in the kitchen, in plain sight, on the counter (curse the husband, we hates it for bringing the donuts). you want to eat the donut, to revel in its deep-fried fatty goodness but you need to lose a little weight and you are in training and since donuts are not healthy, you should NOT eat the donut. such a quandry. you've spent an inordinate amount of the morning obssessing about that goddamn donut. and the numbers on the scale. finally, that donut and your reaction to it plucks on your last nerve, so you make a deal with yourself. you go put on your vacation bikini. yes, bikini. you get the donut from the kitchen. you stand in front of the full length mirror. the deal is you can eat the donut, but you have to do so in front of the mirror, whilst wearing your bikini. you won't eat the donut. trust me. you'll cry yourself blind, so you can't even see the donut, let alone eat it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

training: day eighty-five

i've been really tired and impossibly sore the last week. it's been miserable. i've been miserable.
so instead of getting up at 4:30 and going for a two-hour bike ride, i turned over and went back to sleep. for another five hours. then i proceeded to spend the day doing a whole lot of nothing except hanging out with my poor, neglected husband. i ended up having to do a two-hour stint on the trainer, since daylight was gone, but it was so worth it. i feel much, much better.

Friday, June 23, 2006

training: day eighty-four

swimmy. tough swimmy. urgh. 900 meters. slow and graceless, but completed.
i've officially done race distance for all events in practice.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

training: day eighty-three

30 minute run, kinda late (8pm). the roads i run are not well-lit and the woods are just as spooky for me at 35 years old as they were when i was five years old. i think i shaved two minutes off my run time, booking through the darker areas of my run circuit.

training: dragging

i've been tired and cranky lately. i've been napping a lot lately and i am barely dragging myself out to do my workout. usually i feel pretty relaxed during my workout but this hasn't been the case lately. i've been downright pissed off. i'm not sure what that's about. i'm struggling, but i'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

training: day eighty-two

switched my bike and run workout. 45 minutes on the trainer, as it was raining. the weather is starting to turn nice. hopefully it will hold for my long workouts this weekend.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

training: day eighty-one

600 meter swim. i left work at lunch, swam and came back, to avoid the summertime/school's out crowd of kids during open swim.

training: yay!

as i was getting ready for my swimmy, a woman in the lockerroom complimented my tattoos and asked me how long ago my armband was done. it was done in 97, and when i told her, she looked really shocked. she then said "just how old are you?" i told her that i would be thirty-five this summer. turns out she was only 15 (i thought she was nineteen, perhaps a recently enlisted person). as it turns out, i happen to be the same age as her *mother*, but "you look really, really young, i thought you were in your twenties!" yay! yay! YAY!

training: squeezy

becca gave me a squeeze at work, and made fun of me for having muscles and not being squishy like she is.
what a silly.

Monday, June 19, 2006

training: day eighty

1 hour and 10 minute run, split into 9 minutes run / 1 minute walk intervals. I got up at four am, so i could squeeze in my run before work. tt was actually really nice out, for the first time in weeks. it was just perfect weather for a run. that made me happy.

training: random observations

adjust your fanny back before you go running, as it's impossible to do so while you are actually running. you won't realize how annoying it is to have it bounce until you've run about twenty minutes. then you will end up twisting and turning in a vain attempt to adjust the damn thing and NOT SEEING THE GIANT POTHOLE which will engulf your left foot in its entirety and damn near send you careening headfirst into a lightpole.

if you think you will be clever and wear the pack in the front, so it jounces less, make sure you zip it up, because it still jounces more than you think and your cell phone will fly out, hit the ground and land ahead of you so you almost step on it.

trailmix, while delicous, is not necessarily a good on-the-run food. Especially if your hands are sweaty and you are running downhill at a pretty good clip and the bag with which you are dealing is hermetically sealed. you will struggle with the bag and when you least expect it, the bag will violently split in two and cashews, raisins, chocolate chips will spray out in a lovely caloric arc. the sight of your breakfast scattered on the country road will nearly reduce you to tears. you will then briefly entertain actually pausing to scoop up the scattered trailmix, because you are that hungry. you will actually take this idea far enough that you will look around to see if there are any potential witnesses that you may have to kill, should they see you eating trailmix that's been laying on the ground. then, sensibly, you will decide that it's not worth it and teary-eyed, jog off, realizing that the crows will be getting a hell of a treat. you will then make a mental note to buy some cliff bars stat.

farting is not a form of jet propulsion and therefore will not make you go uphill any faster.

there's a reason why the lady at the Outdoor Recreation office suggested you buy the "drinking" lid adapters for your nifty Nalgene bottles. you had your reasons not to purchase them. as you try to drink while running downhill and you will find that half of your bottle of sports drink will slosh out, going all over your face, up your nose and down your shirt, thusly turning your morning run into a mobile freakshow/wet t-shirt contest. sports drinks also burn considerably when splashed into your eyes and this will make you cry. normally this is humiliating and inconvenient, but this time it served to wash some of the sticky sports drink off your face. you will of course, be despondent that half of your drink is now gone and you still have 45 minutes remaining in your run and you forgot to put some change in your hip pack, so all the vending machines full of delicous cool drinks openly mock you as you shuffle miserably past them. you will make a mental note to buy some drink adapters stat.

the loveliest neighborhoods have the stinkiest sewers. stinky enough to make your nose run. but you can't tell if you are sticky from snot or sticky from sports drink so it doesn't matter.

japanese moped drivers have an inferiority complex. therefore, they are quite aggressive and should they think you are taking up more than your alloted share of the SIDEWALK, they will run you off of it.

exercise feels good. when you stop.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

training: day seventy-nine

biking! i did the full race distance (40k or 24.85 miles) in just under two hours, without trying really hard. i rode from 6 to 8 am. i garnered a lot of attention, mostly because it's not every day you see a pudgy white girl in black and blue spandex on funky-looking road bike flying down the highway (i rode a rolling, hilly area, so i could practice descents). i had a whole busload of school kids waving at me, which i found amusing.

training: necessity is the mother...

...and cold arms are a mother, too. however, my riding jersey is short-sleeved. and i didn't want to wear a jacket, so i got myself some ghetto armwarmers. my "armwarmers" are re-purposed japanese legwarmers. seriously. they cost 100 yen (about 88 cents). they're made from this really soft plushy material and are really stretchy so they didn't fall down at all during my ride. and they are stripey, which is an added bonus. japanese women have skinny legs and i have sausage arms, so it worked out well, despite being warmers being a just a tad bit short for my gorilla girl arms. the cost of the Canari jersey balances out the cheesiness of the arm-legwarmers. i leave my shoes clipped in, plus walking around in them is bad for the bottoms, so i wore regular sneaks while chris snapped the pic.

also, i want to get these real armwarmers.

training: room with a view

...rice paddies, the mountains (with snow still on), flower gardens, strip malls, irrigation ditches (raised, so it was weird to have the water on the same level as the road) street vendor ladies--old enough to be god's grammas, patches of blue sky, hawks, horses, more than one souped-up crotch rocket motorcycle (although one guy gave me a thumbs-up), an old lady on a bright teal three speed (i almost wanted to trade her my bike)...oh yeah, and man (and bike) eating potholes.

training: drink this!

my kimono sensei gave me a some sort of crazy-ass japanese health tonic today. she's become my unofficial coach/nutritionist. she was right about the rice being a good snack, so i duly slugged back whatever the hell it was, and even though it tasted like ass, it really worked. i feel hella better.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

training: day seventy-eight

determined not to break my streak, i ended up having to do 45 minute wind sprints on the treadmill at the gym, because it was 7pm and cold and rainy out. el sucko. the gym is hot and stinky, the treadmill plucks on my last nerves and it makes my ankles hurt for whatever reason, and it is boring as hell.

training: powered by rice

my kimono sensei is in town and she's been giving me batches of onigiri to eat before, during and after my workout. i was suprised, i tolerate them pretty well, even right before swimming.

training: silver streak
here's a picture of my silver sneaks. they were only 22 dollars! chris bought them for me as a surprise.

i know i've been promising pictures of the trisuit and the wetsuit, but you'll just have to wait--i gained five pounds and the fucking wetsuit doesn't fit. those five pounds just cost me three hundred bucks. i was dropping weight like crazy til the damn wetsuit arrived. go figure.

Friday, June 16, 2006

training: day seventy-seven

recovery. i just didn't feel like working out.

training: bumps

i have a ganglia on the back of my knee. gross and a little ouchy. it feels like a marble rolling around under my skin.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

training: day seventy-six

swimmy, to break up the runs, because my schedule is all jacked up, and i almost got to do three running workouts in a row. as messed-up as it may be, i am still on my workout streak.

so i did 550 meters, at komaki onsen pool, because school is now out and the base pool was full of kids, one of whom puked in the water. i kid you not. puking, screaming, flailing, splashing, kicks to the head. holy shit, i just realized that sounds like the start of the swim leg of a triathlon!

chris and i had the komaki pool to ourselves and then soaked in the onsen after. after i was in the hot tub for a few minutes, i went and stood in the ice-cold bath to soothe my ankles and knees (and inadvertently chilled my hoo-hoo to the point where i was wondering what gender i was). my knees are not very happy with the sudden increasing in running workouts, and i had read that many professional athletes use ice-baths to assist in their recovery/pain management and you know what? that cold soak helped tremendously. even though i went from the hot tub to the cold bath, i didn't get a cerebral apopolexy, like the warning sign by the bath said i would. maybe i should ask for my money back.

training: left, right, left, your left, left, right, left

i am still having problems with my left-side breathing. it was pretty disheartening. i got a lot of water up my nose and didn't get a very smooth stroking rythym going. to cheer myself up at the end of my swim, i tried diving off the starting blocks. talk about a belly flop. i was suprised to find my boobs still attached, that's how hard i hit. i was so glad that i still had my boobs on that i forgot about my crappy left-side breathing. anyway, to address the left-side problem, i got some training drills that might help and will add those to my swimmy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

training: day seventy-five

running. at 10pm, because the day got away from me! luckily, it was only a half-hour run, and i did about 4.4 klicks. there were still a lot of people out and about on the main street, but the back neighborhoods were foggy and creepy. creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. like a certain guy i know.

training: eating right

okonomiyaki is a great training meal. i ate a whole one and it was filling but not heavy. good thing because i went for my run after dinner.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

training: day seventy-four

550 swimmy. went faster than i thought, too.

training: stinky

the care tag in my trisuit says "do not leave rolled up in towel." well, duh, i thought when i first saw that. duh, indeed. i forgot and left my suit rolled up in a towel, in my workout bag. i normally have spare suits, but i left those at the house. do not leave rolled up in towel or you will have a clammy, stinky-ass trisuit that you have to swim in because it is all you've got. gross.

Monday, June 12, 2006

training: day seventy-three

biking for 45 minutes. i'm supposed to be running but the weather is totally shitty and i don't want to run outside. i also don't want to run on the treadmill. bah.

training: gear

i keep promising to take pictures of my cool stuff and i keep not doing it. i swear i will.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

training: day seventy-two

recovery day. it's pouring outside and it's been grey and crappy all week. it's making me grey and crappy.

tomorrow, i'm going to give the wetsuit a test run in the bathtub, for giggles. I should probably post a picture of my new sneakers, since they're cool in a totally dorky 1980's kind of way.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

training: day seventy-one

two hours on the bike. yerk. i need to look at the postion of my clips, something about my position on the pedals makes my knees ache.

training: feed me seymour

dunno what it is, but i am all about carbs lately. it's horrible. i crave cookies. i've tried carrots, renkon, other crispy veggies, but it's not working. mostly i think i'm craving the sweetness. it's driving me nuts.

Friday, June 09, 2006

training: day seventy

400 meter swim. and it went faster than i thought! i'm still having trouble, particularly with my left-side form, but i've come a long way in two months.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

training: day sixty-nine

my workout today consisted of a three hour nap. best workout ever.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

training: day sixty-eight

2 hours on the bike, stuck on the fluid trainer because of crappy weather. two hours! TWO HOURS! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! well, two hours and thirty clicks. the bike leg of the race is 40k so at least i know i can do most of the distance. two hours. or two X-files episodes, anyway.

training: i've got a bike

...but i think i'm going to rent one from the shop in ohau, so i don't have to worry about shipping
the terry.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

training: day sixty-seven

400m swimmy. wow, i did it! i still can't do the whole thing crawl, but i'm halfway to race distance. Yay!
Also biked 30 minutes, because i still need to do the 2 hour bike ride and tomorrow's workout is also a bike ride, but for 20 minutes, so rather than doing a 2:20 workout, I'll just do a 2:00. The extra 10 minutes was for fun.

Then I laid on the couch with ice packs on my knees and watched X-files on DVD.

training: spiffy

Chris bought me a new pair of Asics sneakers! They're silver! They will make me go fast!

training: travel-ly

Working on hashing out the details of the Hawaii trip--for activities other than the tri. So far we've got surfing, sailing, shopping and hiking.

Monday, June 05, 2006

training: day sixty-six

I was supposed to do a two-hour bike ride today, but elected to do a twenty-minute run, because I ran out of time.

My speed has improved, it used be it took me almost 40 minutes to run my "neighborhood loop." now I can do it in fifteen.

My knees are achey, need to buy reuseable cold packs.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

training: day sixty-five

recovery. that is all.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

training: day sixty-four

today was an hour run. i usually try to do a loop, but not today. it was so interesting to go
through the neighborhoods that i just kept going. i ran out of pavement! then the gravel ran out! then i was on a mud road! then i was on the other freaking side of town! i walked home, and almost home, my flexors started tightening up and my right calf got a big knot in it too. i need to get a hip belt so i can carry change, snacks, phone, etc.

chris and i went back and got the mileage. i ran 9.5 klicks and then walked 7.5 klicks to get home, for a total of two hours' worth of activity.

jay smith, a coworker, must have been riding loops thru town on his motorcycles, i saw him three times!

also, today is my 2 year anniversary of arriving in japan.

Friday, June 02, 2006

training: day sixty-three

swimming. oh, dear lord, swimming. 550 meters' worth. it wasn't so bad this time, for whatever reason.

there are 51 days left til the tinman. i swam in my trisuit today, just to get used to the feel of it. i wanted to put on the wetsuit and go out in the lake and swim, but the weather wasn't cooperating.

hey! i forgot to mention that my wetsuit arrived yesterday. it smells like an inner tube. sorta looks like one, too. interestingly enough, it's made from yamamoto (japanese) brand rubber, so basically, the rubber has returned home! if you need a wetsuit for triathlon, i would heartily recommend desoto sports. the customer service is out of this world and the products (triahtlon-centric) are terrific.

here's a cute picture of my swimmysuits and caps (each suit has a coordinating cap--i'm such a girly girl sometimes) drying in the sun. you can probably tell by the logos on the suits that I favor speedo brand. the really tiny one, hanging all by itself on the crossbar is a racing suit, which is indecently tight at first. The racer is also cut really high along the legs and the back is sort of like a brazilian cut, so i was concerned i'd be mooning the entire himberg pool staff. however, once you get the racer wet, the fabric relaxes, much to my relief (and coverage). the racing fabric is also very thin, compared to my normalworkout suits, which are thicker so as to make them more chlorine resistant, so i feel like i've forgotten to put on the suit, and keep double-checking to ensure i is not nekkid. in addition, the racing suit is very, very pretty. It has a Japanese print of a moon window and plum blossoms on it. it is actually quite elegant--well, at least when i'm not in it. when i'm wearing it the elegance is diminished by the fact i make it kinda lumpy. my swim caps are on the shelf. they're spandex caps, not silicone, so they don't pull out your hair. the rack is a japanese laundry rack. japanese people don't really use dryers, they hang everything they wash out to dry, so there's a variety of shelves, racks, hangers and other gizmos upon which you can dry your duds. we used this rack when we first moved here, until we got a washer and dryer. It works great for my swimsuits.

here's a picture of my back, finally starting to have some tone!
Thanks to Brian Lynch, portrait photographer.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

training: day sixty-two

20 minute run. i had to poop so bad during the run! of course, i take the ONE route (of several) i use that has NO BATHROOMS. anyhoo, i did the 400m dash when i was on the home stretch. aahhhh. my knees are acting hinky, but probably because i was beating feet to make it to the bathroom in time, because to be honest, i didn't want to have to scrub racing stripes out of my spandex. yecccchhhh.

training: sparkly

i had painted my toenails purple with teal sparklies in hopes it would make me swim/bike/run faster. when i told my mom about this, she made this very good point: shiny purple toes with sparklies...look like fishing lures. way to be inconspicuous to the sharks. good point mom. i am also deeply relieved that i am not the only one worried about sharks. SHAAAAAAAARRRRKKS!