Sunday, April 30, 2006

training: day thirty

one month in. whew. 50 minute run--9 run, 1 rest. outside, because we had two nice days in a row...on a weekend. this is highly unusual. i actually did 60 minutes in the 9/1 run/walk--simply because it takes too long to walk home. i went all through town, all over the place. i really enjoyed it, too. it's a nice way to see the neighborhoods.

when i got home, i showered, soaked in the tub and did some errands. then i came home and crashed. totally. chris said i was out for almost two hours.

i did nothing but eat all day. not so good, but tomorrow's a new day and i'll just start up again. i weighed in at 116 this morning, but i think i am seriously dehydrated, so that's probably not an accurate number.

as of this post, there are 84 days, 3 hours and 27 minutes 'til the race begins. i need to find a countdown timer for my page!

eta: i found one!

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