Wednesday, April 12, 2006

training: day twelve

i did 1 lap today (two pool lengths or 50 metres) only 700 more meters to work up to! my form is getting a little better, but not much. We did glide stroke today. i think kendo has taken its toll on my shoulders--i definitely notice a problem with the range of motion in the left shoulder. and it makes clicky noises now and again. perhaps yoga will help me loosen up my shoulders. i also have a very weird bony protrusion on the top of the left shoulder and it is significantly larger than the bony protrusion on the right side. i am a freak! ack!

training: great goggle-y moggle-y!

you know your swim goggles are on too tight when they leave bruises around your eyes. i look like a freaking tanuki (a japanese animal that is sort of like a cross between a racoon and a badger). i cranked the goggles down because i had my contacts in and i didn't want to risk losing them. i guess i need to loosen them up a little. chris thought it was pretty funny until i reminded him we're going to the doctor tomorrow and i wouldn't be suprised if they turn him in for giving his wife two black eyes.

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