Sunday, April 09, 2006

training: day nine

i switched out my rest days. i am supposed to rest on monday (4/10) but that didn't fit my schedule -- i got behind in my housework (i cleaned my house and somebody else's house, too) and didn't make it to the gym to do the stationary bike. maybe the weather will be nice tomorrow and i can take a real bike ride around.

however OK i sound about my workout schedule being switched around, i am not. in fact, not being able to make my workout upset me a lot. i was all antsy and crazy. i am afraid that if i miss even one, i'll never start back up and there goes the tri, right out the window. i am such a spaz.

i am thinking come may when the beach opens up, i'll get a hold of wetsuit and practice open-water swims. i am not sure at all how to do sighting, either, so i guess i will practice that, too. right now i practice in the pool and i am still not real good, i crash into the lane markers, the sides of the pool and the end of the lane, too.

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