Saturday, April 08, 2006

training: day eight

a week in! so far, so okay. today was a thirty minute run at an easy pace. it was pouring out, so onto the treadmill i went. I did a 12, an 11, then a 10 minute mile. i would like like to be able to do the run leg of the tri in under an hour. i think 45 - 50 minutes would not be unreasonable.

training: suit yourself

bought STUFF! a book on the mental aspects of tri. i'm completely mental, so i should be good at that. also chris got me another bathing suit, a cap and a warm up suit to match. since i am swimming two days a week, this makes it much easier on me as far as laundry logistics and it should make the suits last longer and it will be nice to throw on a track suit after practice and be comfy.

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