Wednesday, April 19, 2006

training: day nineteen

today was a non-stop swim of 200 meters. i did it! slowly, but i did it. before swim class! and then oh, man, there was no mercy in swim class. the instructor kept me moving the entire time. i also got to practice flip turns and get gallons of water up my nose.

i had one lap where i felt GREAT. i think i actually had good form, as it felt effortless and fluid and i was hauling down the lane. alas, it was not to be continuous and i ended up back to my floundering technique. i need to review the total immersion course DVD and practice the drills some more.

training: one size fits . . . most

when i got home from swimming, there was a package for me from team estrogen. it contained my trisuit! i was really excited about it, until i put the suit on. it looked great but the fit wasn't quite right. i fired off an email to customer service and asked about how the suits should fit. the answer (which came back within an hour)is "tightly"...which means that my medium-sized tri suit is too big. i ordered another of the same make in a small as well as another brand in a medium (sizing for this brand seems to run smaller). now i just have to wait...argh, waiting.

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