Thursday, June 01, 2006

training: day sixty-two

20 minute run. i had to poop so bad during the run! of course, i take the ONE route (of several) i use that has NO BATHROOMS. anyhoo, i did the 400m dash when i was on the home stretch. aahhhh. my knees are acting hinky, but probably because i was beating feet to make it to the bathroom in time, because to be honest, i didn't want to have to scrub racing stripes out of my spandex. yecccchhhh.

training: sparkly

i had painted my toenails purple with teal sparklies in hopes it would make me swim/bike/run faster. when i told my mom about this, she made this very good point: shiny purple toes with sparklies...look like fishing lures. way to be inconspicuous to the sharks. good point mom. i am also deeply relieved that i am not the only one worried about sharks. SHAAAAAAAARRRRKKS!

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