Tuesday, June 20, 2006

training: day eighty-one

600 meter swim. i left work at lunch, swam and came back, to avoid the summertime/school's out crowd of kids during open swim.

training: yay!

as i was getting ready for my swimmy, a woman in the lockerroom complimented my tattoos and asked me how long ago my armband was done. it was done in 97, and when i told her, she looked really shocked. she then said "just how old are you?" i told her that i would be thirty-five this summer. turns out she was only 15 (i thought she was nineteen, perhaps a recently enlisted person). as it turns out, i happen to be the same age as her *mother*, but "you look really, really young, i thought you were in your twenties!" yay! yay! YAY!

training: squeezy

becca gave me a squeeze at work, and made fun of me for having muscles and not being squishy like she is.
what a silly.

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