Sunday, June 25, 2006

training: day eighty-six

running for 75 minutes. easy and comfortable. this is the best i've felt in about two weeks. i think my body finally adjusted to the increased training load. sleeping for 12 hours on Saturday probably had something to do with it, too.

training: donut dilemma

here's the problem. there's a huge, fresh cinnamon-maple donut in the kitchen, in plain sight, on the counter (curse the husband, we hates it for bringing the donuts). you want to eat the donut, to revel in its deep-fried fatty goodness but you need to lose a little weight and you are in training and since donuts are not healthy, you should NOT eat the donut. such a quandry. you've spent an inordinate amount of the morning obssessing about that goddamn donut. and the numbers on the scale. finally, that donut and your reaction to it plucks on your last nerve, so you make a deal with yourself. you go put on your vacation bikini. yes, bikini. you get the donut from the kitchen. you stand in front of the full length mirror. the deal is you can eat the donut, but you have to do so in front of the mirror, whilst wearing your bikini. you won't eat the donut. trust me. you'll cry yourself blind, so you can't even see the donut, let alone eat it.

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