Saturday, June 03, 2006

training: day sixty-four

today was an hour run. i usually try to do a loop, but not today. it was so interesting to go
through the neighborhoods that i just kept going. i ran out of pavement! then the gravel ran out! then i was on a mud road! then i was on the other freaking side of town! i walked home, and almost home, my flexors started tightening up and my right calf got a big knot in it too. i need to get a hip belt so i can carry change, snacks, phone, etc.

chris and i went back and got the mileage. i ran 9.5 klicks and then walked 7.5 klicks to get home, for a total of two hours' worth of activity.

jay smith, a coworker, must have been riding loops thru town on his motorcycles, i saw him three times!

also, today is my 2 year anniversary of arriving in japan.

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