Monday, June 26, 2006

training: day eighty-seven

today was 800m swimmy. no rests.normally today is a rest day, but i have a hospital procedure tomorrow and wasn't sure if i'd feel like working out. i sure as hell didn't feel like working out today, that's for sure. but work out i did. it was 800m non-stop.

training: turd

i can't do freestyle the full 800m meter. I can only do about 100. this is indicative of a problem, but i am not sure what. so i freestyle my first 100m, then it is a combination of freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, breakstroke (which i really like) and something i like to call the turdstroke. turdstroke is pretty much me floating in the water like a turd. i try not to be a turd too much during a workout, it sort of defeats the purpose.

heh heh heh. turd.

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