Thursday, June 29, 2006

training: day ninety
30 minute run. the loop that used to take me 40 minutes now only takes about 25. i had some cramping during my run as a result from my medical misadventure on tuesday, but i soldiered through.

training: buggin' out
i decided to eat dinner after my run, since it was a heavier meal. i had a light snack of some pineapple chunks and a handful of almonds and went for my recovery trot. well, currently the evenings are cool and clear, with slight breeze to blow away most of the bugs. i say most because i think i managed to suck down enough bugs (particularly around the open gutters) to meet and/exceed my daily protein requirements. it was beautiful last night, it was a really enjoyable run, i spent most of it looking at the horizon and all the gorgeous bands of colors in the gloaming.

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