Thursday, June 15, 2006

training: day seventy-six

swimmy, to break up the runs, because my schedule is all jacked up, and i almost got to do three running workouts in a row. as messed-up as it may be, i am still on my workout streak.

so i did 550 meters, at komaki onsen pool, because school is now out and the base pool was full of kids, one of whom puked in the water. i kid you not. puking, screaming, flailing, splashing, kicks to the head. holy shit, i just realized that sounds like the start of the swim leg of a triathlon!

chris and i had the komaki pool to ourselves and then soaked in the onsen after. after i was in the hot tub for a few minutes, i went and stood in the ice-cold bath to soothe my ankles and knees (and inadvertently chilled my hoo-hoo to the point where i was wondering what gender i was). my knees are not very happy with the sudden increasing in running workouts, and i had read that many professional athletes use ice-baths to assist in their recovery/pain management and you know what? that cold soak helped tremendously. even though i went from the hot tub to the cold bath, i didn't get a cerebral apopolexy, like the warning sign by the bath said i would. maybe i should ask for my money back.

training: left, right, left, your left, left, right, left

i am still having problems with my left-side breathing. it was pretty disheartening. i got a lot of water up my nose and didn't get a very smooth stroking rythym going. to cheer myself up at the end of my swim, i tried diving off the starting blocks. talk about a belly flop. i was suprised to find my boobs still attached, that's how hard i hit. i was so glad that i still had my boobs on that i forgot about my crappy left-side breathing. anyway, to address the left-side problem, i got some training drills that might help and will add those to my swimmy.

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