Friday, June 02, 2006

training: day sixty-three

swimming. oh, dear lord, swimming. 550 meters' worth. it wasn't so bad this time, for whatever reason.

there are 51 days left til the tinman. i swam in my trisuit today, just to get used to the feel of it. i wanted to put on the wetsuit and go out in the lake and swim, but the weather wasn't cooperating.

hey! i forgot to mention that my wetsuit arrived yesterday. it smells like an inner tube. sorta looks like one, too. interestingly enough, it's made from yamamoto (japanese) brand rubber, so basically, the rubber has returned home! if you need a wetsuit for triathlon, i would heartily recommend desoto sports. the customer service is out of this world and the products (triahtlon-centric) are terrific.

here's a cute picture of my swimmysuits and caps (each suit has a coordinating cap--i'm such a girly girl sometimes) drying in the sun. you can probably tell by the logos on the suits that I favor speedo brand. the really tiny one, hanging all by itself on the crossbar is a racing suit, which is indecently tight at first. The racer is also cut really high along the legs and the back is sort of like a brazilian cut, so i was concerned i'd be mooning the entire himberg pool staff. however, once you get the racer wet, the fabric relaxes, much to my relief (and coverage). the racing fabric is also very thin, compared to my normalworkout suits, which are thicker so as to make them more chlorine resistant, so i feel like i've forgotten to put on the suit, and keep double-checking to ensure i is not nekkid. in addition, the racing suit is very, very pretty. It has a Japanese print of a moon window and plum blossoms on it. it is actually quite elegant--well, at least when i'm not in it. when i'm wearing it the elegance is diminished by the fact i make it kinda lumpy. my swim caps are on the shelf. they're spandex caps, not silicone, so they don't pull out your hair. the rack is a japanese laundry rack. japanese people don't really use dryers, they hang everything they wash out to dry, so there's a variety of shelves, racks, hangers and other gizmos upon which you can dry your duds. we used this rack when we first moved here, until we got a washer and dryer. It works great for my swimsuits.

here's a picture of my back, finally starting to have some tone!
Thanks to Brian Lynch, portrait photographer.

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