Wednesday, May 03, 2006

training: day thirty-three

easy twenty-minute run. i can go A LOT further in 20 minutes now than i could at the start of this programme. it was clear and cool outside and it made for such a nice run. having the sun up by 4:30am is something else, although i run at about 5:00am. the only problem is that the farmers have started fertilizing the fields in preparation for rice planting and they use nightsoil, so it is tremendously stinky. it's enough to make me pull a "KRK" and go "ACK! GACK! GURK!" gagging, while I run. usually stuff like that doesn't bother me, but when you're sucking in huge amounts of air, well, yuck.

training: eat 'em up, eat 'em up, eat 'em up, yum.

i am having a really, really difficult time sticking to my 1200 calorie a day diet. the last few days, i've overshot my daily caloric limit by about 300 calories. i am hungry. all. the. time. and its totally for carbs, too (BREAD!). i'm trying to up my healthy carbs (fruits, veggies, maybe some whole wheat bread) and balance it with a bit of extra protein, but it's pretty tough. i don't like to do excess protein, it's too hard on my poor old stone-ridden left kidney, but i need a little more protien than usual to repair, especially now that i've begun adding weightlifting to the workout mix. i am terrified of getting fat (again) but i need to make sure i'm getting adequate food. what's a gal to do?

training: smoooooth

chris dragged out all the instruction manuals and did some tuning on my bike. the front cartridge was going ckKRJDFLDFJCCCkkkkkT! and wouldn't shift properly. i think it may have got mashed a little during the move overseas and then some more when it was jammed in the storage shed. chris got it fixed (after some aggravation) and now it sounds (and works) much better. after he finished the front, he was going to work on the back, however, it apparently didn't need any work, because it was smooth enough already, but we had this unintentionally funny conversation:

chris: (picking up bike, hitting the pedals and watching the back derailleur shift) front's done. well, hey, wow...your rear is really smooth. i mean like butter.

jodi: (only half paying attention, and not looking at chris) thanks! i've been using that elizabeth arden firming lotion on know, that one that you like how it smells...

chris: what? you do realize i'm talking about your rear wheel. on your bike.

jodi: bike? rear? oh.

chris: well, your rear is nice, too.

jodi: nice try, but too late.

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