Wednesday, May 24, 2006

training: day fifty-four

i just found out that the sharks must have chewed a huge-ass hole in the pool--it won't be open until sunday, may 28! so further shuffling of the workouts isn't really an option. i hope i can use the komaki pool for my workouts this week (today and friday the 26).

this just in: used the komaki onsen pool. it doesn't have a deep end! also, the pool is much warmer than himberg and they didn't have the floaty lane markers. i was sort of nervous about going to the pool, but chris went too, and that made it a little better. it cost me 500 yen (about five bucks) to swim, so you bet yer sweet bippy i had a serious practice.

training: glub

i am still having a helluva time with the swimming. yipes.

training: friends

two of the guys i work with will be living in hawaii (on Oahu) when i'll be there for the tri and vacation. i can't wait to see them. i think it will be lots of fun.

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