Tuesday, May 09, 2006

training: day thirty-nine

easy day in the pool, mostly working on form and breathing. i had one or two good runs where it felt pretty effortless, but mostly, i am still kiki mcflailey. i fear for my life in the pool, so what the hell am i gonna do in the freakin' ocean? All i can do is keep plugging away. i've been having dreams about swimming, where the pool turns into the ocean and my goggles have gone missing, i can't sight the shore and something in the water is sneaking up on me, for to gobblemeup. Arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!

training: fluidity

still trying to find a good price on a wetsuit, the 2005 Ironman Stealth Fullsuit (new in bag) I bid on for a 100 dollars on ebay got away by a buck. dammit. i'm not all that broken up, what i really want a 2 piece DeSoto, but those are a bit pricey albeit everything i read says they are the bombdiggity. one guy who bought a suit from them said the owner actually worked with him to make sure he had everything he needed/wanted. so wow. that's awesome. i can't start open-water swim practice 'til May 29 when the beach opens, so i have some time to find a suitable..um...wetsuit. yeah. pray to the neoprene god that i get a lucky break so as not to break my equipment budget.

however,despite the bummer about ebay, i had happyhappyjoyjoy at the postoffice because my Cycleops fluid trainer arrived in the mail yesterday! Yokata! So when i can't ride outside (typhoon season) i don't have to go to the gym to use teh sux0r stat bike. i can ride on my own bike! yokata (hurray)!

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