Monday, May 08, 2006

training: day thirty-eight

this was actually sunday's workout, but i switched them around.

i just discovered my workout schedule was all screwed schedule was set for a race on june 25. i got it fixed and now i am on track (and field and on the road and in the pool) for my july 23 tri in hawaii. i'm glad i caught the error! i am also glad that as a result of pushing the schedule forward, i'm back to easier workouts.

training: tuneage

loaded new music onto my mp3 player. how exciting. i have been listening to the same songs for the last month and a half and as such, i was like shutup madonna, shut up. =)soon, i will be like shut up franz ferdinand, shut up.
Also: Dear Chemical Brothers; I lurve you.

training: wobbly

i did 30 minutes of weightlifting this morning. my arms were so wobbly, when i got to the truck, i could barely open the door. also, i need to use freeweights, because judging by the people using the nautilius/cybex equipment, nautilius/cybex equipment is for old flabby dudes. not fierce at all.

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