Tuesday, May 16, 2006

training: day forty-six

200 meters non-stop in the pool. couldn't do it. i suck.

training: nobody told me there'd be days like these (i predicted them myself)

well, i am heading for the meltdown, as predicted in my first post. coincidence or self-fufilling prophecy. i had a horrible practice this afternoon, i just felt all out of sorts and on top of that, my goggle strap broke! that wasn't such a big deal, i tied a knot in it and finished my workout. this only stresses the importance of being prepared (i'll be picking up a spare set of goggles this week) and the fact that there is no such thing as a problem-free triathlon.

speaking of problem-free, it may be that i won't be going to hawaii due to budget restraints. we thought we could do hawaii for a week and home leave for three weeks, but it may not be so. and hawaii gets the short end of the stick. this possibility made me upset and that may have been a big factor in the shitty practice.

on the lighter side, the army guys were doing water training, so i got to see an entire group of them jump into the pool, fully clothed, complete with fake battle gear.

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