Friday, May 05, 2006

training: day thirty-five

swimming. urk. i was supposed to do 500 m like this: 150m and rest, 100m and rest, and so on til i got to 500. well, i just realized that i got an extra 50m in there. sheesh.

chris helped me today by pacing me and keeping an eye on my form. it's getting a little better, but not much. i am doing better since i figured out i need to rotate my body a bit when i come up for air, not just my neck. regardless of this, i got two snootfuls of water and had two coughing fits, which were a bit embarassing.

as i was leaving the gym, i ran into kelly, who tried to get me to go work out again.

training: suitably

i look a teeny bit better in my suit. just a teeny bit, though.

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