Thursday, May 04, 2006

training: day thirty-four

forty minutes on the stat bike. i did the stat bike only because i recently signed up for fitlinxx at the gym, so i wanted to see how the automatic tracking of training worked. this should be great for when i do weightlifting! plus, if i get enough points, i can get swag! might as well get junk in addition to getting into shape.

i did the 40 minutes at a higher cadence (but no resistance) than i am used to and i didn't even get winded. my legs were burning a little bit, but away i went. then i went home and went right to bed.

if i am not training, i am at work, if i am not at work, i am asleep. my husband isn't really happy about this.

training: logistics

sat down and started to try to plan the hawaii/stateside trip. it's gonna be expensive. so we may just take a week's vacation in hawaii and that's it. i need to figure out how to ship my bike and all that. chris had suggested we visit the East Coast first, but i wouldn't be able to train if we did that. i just got very unhappy about trying to train, trying to do a triathlon while trying take a vacation, trying to see my family, going without a paycheck for three weeks (the both of us) and then another week or two without pay when Chris' family comes to visit, etc. and i've just had a general feeling of indeterminate unhappiness for the last two weeks, despite having nothing to complain about.

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