Friday, May 12, 2006

training: day forty-two

swimming. i've actually come to look forward to my friday afternoon swims. today i had a couple of lengths that chris said actually looked pretty good. i'm to the point now where i am not constantly focusing on the exhale, it's become more automatic, so i can work on the arm stroke and my kicking. after doing the prescribed 20 minutes today, i did another 10 meters today. although i rested briefly at the end of each length (per training plan) i suddenly realized that when i first started swimming, i couldn't get from one end of the pool without stopping. a pool length is 25meters. overall, and today i swam 550. i am a bit more than 1/3 of the way to my goal of 1500 meters (per training plan--the race is only 800m, but i'm training for 1500)

training: not so much a flounder

someone mistook me for a member of the swim team today =)

training: road crew 2

after working out, i ran errands for a couple of hours. when i came home, chris had set up my cycling/cadence computer for me! =) works great--just to see what it felt like, i got the rpm's (in an easy gear) up to 100 (for about five seconds) whew. i told chris that i had read that
lance armstrong has a cadence of 120, even in low gears. we were both pretty much blown away by that (well, that and he was boinking Sheryl Crow).

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