Saturday, July 22, 2006

training: day one hundred and thirteen

I'm supposed to do a light pre-race brick, but i've scratched that. i know from experience that i need the rest more than the workout.

training: nerves of steel

i'm a wreck. a total wreck. a total, crazy, bitchy, ready-to-puke-from-nervers, cold-sweating wreck. i am seriously thinking of not showing up. arrrggghhhh! chris drove me around the race course(s) today, so i could scope things out. there's a lot of going uphill and a lot of navigating. i'm more freaked out about the navigating than anything else-i am totally useless for finding my way, even with a map! honestly, i'm not so sure about this right now. what if i dnf? what if i get lost? what if i get a flat (tinman doesn't have a sag van or assistance, you have to do it yourself and i take forever to change flats)? what if?

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