Thursday, July 13, 2006

training: day one hundred and four

supposed to run. it's hot and humid and i just didn't want to. switched it for an hour-long bike ride instead, and moved the 2nd workout to saturday.

training: meltdown

i'm getting a bad case of the nerves and it's manifesting itself as sheer, unadulterated crankiness. i had a total meltdown last night. i was hot, tired, frustrated and didn't want to do my workout; additionally, i seriously considered not going to the the tri. i haven't wanted to work out for well over a week (this may be indicative of burnout, i usually like my workouts) and i ended up procrastinating until 9pm and had to do my workout late, which in turn affects my sleep, etc etc. i was pretty bitchy. however, after i was done being three years old, it occurred to me that i owe that race not only to myself, but to my husband (who has swum countless laps in the pool with me, put up with take-out more times than necessary because i was asleep on the couch instead of cooking dinner and has really been a saint about anything and everything tri-related the last three months), to my friends who have taken an active interest in what i am doing for training (as well as offering encouragement and advice), to my family (who despite thinking it's nuts to try something like this, are still cheering for me) and even the people who have organized the race.

training: nekkid

i've gained a few pounds the last two weeks. i'm praying i'm retaining water. please. i don't want to gain back what i've lost! anyway, it's on my mind because i dreamed my trisuit (which is very fitted) got too big and fell off during the swim leg of the tri. it was either bike and run nekkid or get a DNF. i woke up going "WHAT DO I DO!

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