Sunday, July 02, 2006

training: day ninety-three

second brick. one and a half hours on the bike, 10 minutes running at high cadence. it was pouring down rain outside (and has been doing so for more than 24 hours now) so I changed the run to 10 minutes high-cadence, light resistance on the bike. not quite the same, but close enough.

training: wiped out

i've been taking a weeklong course of pretty strong broad-spectrum antibiotics, as a preventive for infection because of last tuesday's ongoings. the ongoings wore me out for two days, but the antibiotics have been continually kicking my ass. i'm so tired, and it's not the good, worked-out tired of training, but that grotty tired you get from medicines. it's made my training more difficult, because I feel so worn out. yesterday, i calculated that on average, i've been sleeping about 11 hours a day since last week -- i usually do fine on eight. however, there is one bright spot. in addition to not walking around with an internal infection-- the drugs cleared up my skin like you wouldn't believe! it looks great! wow! one dark spot, it cleared out all the beneficial flora in my gut like you wouldn't believe. time to buy lots of yogurt. erg.

training: you'll be in my dreams

dreamed about the tri again, just a sort of general dream. in reality, all the trip details are set, the itineraries and activities planned and printed out, tickets purchases, clothes laid out. i should post some pictures.

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