Tuesday, July 04, 2006

training: day ninety-five

i'm really moving my schedule around, so that i can accomodate a weekend trip to tokyo. i'm trying to work it so my oyasumi (rest) day is on saturday of this week, instead of the usual monday. my rescheduled workout got rescheduled because himberg pool was closed today, despite having a "holiday schedule" printed out, which implied they'd be open. so no swim on the anniversary of our great nation's founding. so... i did ANOTHER brick, 30 min on the bike, 1 hour on the treadmill (hates it) because it's still craptaculuar out. i'm half tempted to say screw it, and go do my swim workout at komaki's and take TWO days IN A ROW off, but i'd get 100 meters into the swim and probably die.

training: grrrrrrr

goes my stomach, bladder and all the jumbly bits of plumbing contained in my "abominable region". will it ever stop being fucked up? it sure doesn't feel like it. what i really want is a beer, but what i had was a japanese tonic (a concentrated vitamin drink, which replaces b vitamins, mostly but has iron and magnesium, too) with a blackstrap molasses chaser (iron and calcium, 20% of my rda in a tablespoon) instead. i've been wondering if my heme count is a little low and that's why i've been so tired. not that the fact i'm WORKING OUT SIX FREAKING DAYS A WEEK for the last ninety-five days has anything to do with it...

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