Monday, July 10, 2006

training: day one hundred and one
it's 3am and i can't sleep. part of it was that damn pizza, i'm sure but some of it is nerves. i leave for hawaii in seven days. the race is less than two weeks away now!

training: to do
after i finish blogging this, i'll go do some laundry and other housework, prep a few more things for the hawaii trip. once the sun comes up in about an hour, i'll go for a run and then go to work. it's seems like it took forever to get to here from april, and now the week remaining doesn't seem like enough time to get ready!

training: running
what a horrible run. i should have learned long ago that pizza hut does not agree with me, not 15 minutes after or the morning after. i thought i was gonna end up puking in someone's flowerbed. ungh.

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